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PSD #18 by PS Perfect feel free to edit and adjust the layers if not stayed good in its image, but always credite to us. If you enjoyed and download not forget to like or reblog it makes me happy and keeps me posting …

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HOW-TO: Play a stoner character

I know there is probably quite a few of these but I thought I would just give my prospective on how to play the stoner. Hope you found this helpful babe.

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THROWBACKRPS first ever gradient pack (hola)

So you all know the catch, I don’t need to explain the whole biz of no redistributing, claiming as your own, gimme credit etc. do I? No? Coolies, go ahead and enjoy my first ever gradient pack. Make lots of pretty things. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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Charles Trippy Gif Hunt


↳ #26 small-medium gifs of CHARLES TRIPPY can be found under the cut. None of these were made by me, credit to their owners. Sorry to the anon who requested them, but I couldnt find more. Please like and/or reblog if this helped you at all.


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Hi my lovely and beautiful followers (✿◠‿◠) ! I can’t believe I reached 8000 followers and I never thought something like this would happen to me. Thank you so so so much ! I love you all <3 This is my third psd pack so I hope you guys will love it, and DON’T FORGET TO LIKE/REBLOG them. 
This pack contains 8 pastel psds and you can use them for all kind of photos. DOWNLOAD (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LIKE/REBLOG IF YOU DOWNLOAD)

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psd #1

i’ve gotten asks for the coloring of this set, so i decided to share :-)

*adjustments will be necessary (the curves layer is set to auto, and the auto adjustment will vary from scene to scene)

*please like if using! [x]

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5…..2 more.

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I need a distraction. Who wants to start a 1x1?

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I need a distraction. Who wants to start a 1x1?

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You're so ambitious for a juvenile
So I like to help whether you like it or not. From Photoshop to HTML to writing, I'm always around because who needs sleep? /
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