Frankie’s eulogy for Grandpa Grande <3


im going to start renting some things because im working and i dont know whether to rent a macbook and iphone or what

i want a plot where char a has a crush on their big bro’s best friend and vice versa but they try to keep it a secret bc it’s weird y’know and they sneak around a lot mAYBE THEY GET CAUGHT OR SOMETHn yeah



greetings loved ones, i’ve been meaning to do this follow forever since the day i hit my first hundred followers but i’ve been a lazy ass and never got to it but here it is finally!! and the unbelievable part is that i’m now up to 400+ followers which is literally so surreal for me because i probably don’t even know so many people irl but to think that so many of you see me on your dashes on daily basis just makes my heart sizzle. now without any further ado, here are some cuties that i’m gonna follow forever til’ deactivation do us apart 

✿ under are some of my main, main gs !! ✿

  •  hollandsofrp​ — to be honest i feel like i annoy you all the time whenever i talk to you because you’re pretty much the only person who gets to actually fully get to know me which i know can be kinda sucky, but i’ve talked to you for over a few months now and you’re the only person if feel truly close to and i just love you man??? like i couldn’t wish for a better friend bc you’re so kind and funny and i’m never gonna regret that time i started talking to you bc i’ve made a very close friend and just you’re so perfect i can’t even put it in a sentence that makes sense because i’m all adsfgh. you’re such an honest and down to earth person and your rph is a real quiality and sometimes i wish i was you bc you’re just so amazing with everything you do and this is getting so soppy but ily and pls don’t ever leave me bc idk what i would do 
  • harvestrps — even though you kinda left without saying goodbye, i still love you as well and even if you don’t see this you were a great friend to me as well for the short period of time!! whenever i talked to you i felt like i could tell you anything and you didn’t even know me that well so i’m sorry if i annoyed you or whatever ops. you also made me feel so special and i feel like crying bc i might not ever speak to you ever again but hopefully you’ll see this and decide to come back but if not, i still hope you’re happy and go far with lyfe bc you deserve it ok
  • ritassists​​ —  man i love you too!! i feel like we’re kinda long lost sisters bc we do think alike, but you’re obviouisly the prettier and talented one whereas i’m just there like happy to even be related to you ??? that maybe didn’t even make sense but i miss talking to you and i hope we can start talking again bc frankly i miss you a lot and it kinda sucks bc ily and everything and that plan of us eating pizza together still stays in offer!! ah you’re probably not gonna see this either bc you’re on your vacation but i hope you’re having fun anyways
  • cuteofrp​​ —  ayy we’re not that close but i have talked to you a couple of times and i feel like you’re always there to help me and anyone else out and i love that about you!! you have so many friends and that’s no surprise so i just admire you a lot and you did the graphic for me so i thought you deserved a slot in my main gs because you’re adorable and ily

✿ here are some pretty people that kinda stand out to me??? or we've talked or idek you're just amazing with what you do, you're beautiful and ily ✿

bekahofrp // nutellarps // narryrants // camilaofrpc // kayofrps // ashtontalks // rpingok // kimmyrps // zaynrps // kendalljnnr // tiffanyassists // dansmiiths // jenny1x1s // gaysrph // harbaras // drakeroleplays // ziamrps // jellyfishofrp // malikofrp // malikmanips // northrps // belluhs // ofirwins // lukemobile // selenagomlez // cocoofrps // harryofrph // awitchrps // emiliaofrps // nlanross // crushesmeinside // ivyrps

✿ the guys under are just my lil precious things that i'm so happy to follow because they lighten up my day whenever i see them on the dash and i'm so glad to be in a mutual with or just follow you even if you dont' follow back ✿

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PSD #21 by reigncolorings

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a plot where muse a's girlfriend/boyfriend winds up in the hospital after some kind of car accident following a heated and drunk argument between the two, so muse a goes to the hospital just to see them one last time. by the time muse a gets to the hospital, it’s too late and the other person has died already. this causes muse a to become a huge wreck. while muse a is having an emotional breakdown in the cafeteria, muse b spots muse a and suddenly feels the need to cheer muse a up. after a long, deep, heart to heart conversation, the two end up exchanging numbers. as the two grow closer and feelings develop, major problems emerge. muse a can’t get past the fact that s/he’s moving on so fast, and muse b has been hiding a major secret from muse a. the entire reason that muse b was in the hospital that day was because s/he’s been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 


50 shades of text me the fuck back

i really wanna rp with a dylan obrien fc i need this